Rules of reviewing and publishing

Materials representing reviews and reviews of scientific publications, announcements and reviews of scientific events, information messages are not subject to review and are published by decision of the editorial board or in other cases provided for by the Law of the Russian Federation dated 27.12.1991 No. 2124-1 “On Mass Media”.

The author sends materials, information about the author, executed in accordance with the rules of execution, in electronic form, to the e-mail of the executive secretary of the editorial board.

If the author is a graduate student, adjunct or attached to an adjunct (postgraduate) to prepare a dissertation study for the degree of candidate of sciences, the author must send to the e-mail of the executive secretary of the editorial board a scanned review of his supervisor for the materials sent for publication. The availability of a scientific adviser review is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for the publication of the article. Articles of students (students, cadets, students, graduate students, adjuncts) and applicants are also reviewed in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs 30-37 of the Journal Regulations.

The executive secretary of the editorial board conducts a check for compliance with the rules for registration of materials. In case of non-compliance with the rules for issuing materials or suspicion of the presence of incorrect borrowings in the materials, the executive secretary of the editorial board by e-mail or in another way that ensures the prompt direction and receipt of information notifies the author of the need to finalize the materials.

The executive secretary of the editorial board after receiving the materials drawn up in accordance with the established rules, sends them for review.

The review of materials for publication in the journal is carried out by the double-blind review method that is the identities of reviewers and authors are hidden from each other throughout the review.

In order to ensure a “blind” review the executive secretary of the editorial board sends the received materials for publication to reviewers without indicating the identity of the author. If necessary the executive secretary of the editorial board in coordination with the editor-in-chief may require the author to prepare materials in such a way that they do not disclose the author’s identity to reviewers, directly or indirectly.

All reviewers must be qualified experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have published on the subject of the peer-reviewed article over the past 3 years. Reviews are kept in the editorial office of the publication for 5 years. Reviewers are usually members of the editorial board. In some cases, by decision of the editor-in-chief, reviewers may be other specialists. The reviewer may be at least one specialist with a degree in the profile of the peer-reviewed article. In some cases, when publishing materials directly related to the practical aspects of the question under study, a specialist without a degree (academic title) with experience in high-level leadership positions in the field that is the subject of study in a peer-reviewed article may be involved as a reviewer.

The reviewer prepares a review in accordance with the approximate form approved by the order of the institute, where he evaluates the scientific level of the submitted article and makes recommendations on the publication of the article or on its rejection. When preparing a review, the reviewer as priority criteria for accepting/rejecting materials is guided by the requirements of paragraphs 11 and 18 of the Journal Regulations.

Reviews are sent to the editor-in-chief or the responsible secretary of the editorial board, who in turn sends them to the editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief decides on the acceptance and rejection of materials after the reviewer’s recommendations.

In case of rejection of the materials the review shall be sent to the author by the executive secretary of the editorial board by e-mail or other available method, taking into account the provision of double “blind” review that is the review sent to the author should not indicate the identity of the reviewer. The editorial board of the publication sends copies of reviews or motivated refusal to the authors of the submitted materials. The editorial board of the publication sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the corresponding request to the editorial board of the publication.

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